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Q. What all devices can the GetItFix technicians repair?

A. @ GetItFix, we repair almost all types of the devices. Our knowledgeable and courteous technicians will repair the following things:
• Laptops
• Desktops
• Printers
• Smartphones
• Tablets

Q. How much will it cost to repair my laptop/computer?

A. The technicians @ GetItFix performs the complete examination and diagnostics of the device to determine what the problem is. The repair cost depends upon your device problem and its solution (labor cost and replacement part cost). There are various plans and offers.

Q. Is it better to upgrade or replace the problematic computer?

A. Come to us, after the full assessment of your device, our experts will decide whether it is better to replace the computer/laptop or to upgrade. We also take care of your budget and the personal requirements for the device.

Q. How do I keep my laptop or desktop in a good condition?

A. It is always advisable to run the device on the AC power and to use the battery power only when portability or the lack of the power source.

Q. What do the viruses, malware or the Trojan horse really do?

A. Once they enter the computer and invade the hard drive, they will manipulate the device causing it to slow down and will gather the personal data. Later on, these will harm you.

Q. Do I need to bring the laptop charger?

A. No, in most of the cases there is no need to bring the laptop charger. However, please check for the laptop repairs.

Q. I have tried the repair work myself and the other repairer increases the problem. Can you still fix the problem?

A. Yes, of course, the GetItFix technicians will be happy to have and will happily fix all your problems.

Q. Will I get my original device back or any of the refurbished one?

A. You will always receive your original device back after replacing the damaged components of course.

Q. How long will it take to repair my component?

A. The total time will depend upon the type of the damage. We understand the importance of the laptop/Pc and thus try to repair as soon as possible.

Q. What are the payment options?

A. As per your convenience, you can pay your bill with either the American Express card, Visa Card, Master Card, PayPal or Discover card.

Q. How much time will it take to repair the device?

A. We are fast and reliable, will try to solve your problem on the same day itself. If in case the problem is complex, we will solve it by the next day.

Q. Do I need to come to your office?

A. No, our technicians will reach you.

Q. Is there any warranty you offer?

A. Yes of course, we offer the 30 days warranty on the repaired device. If in case, any problem arises in the repaired device, come to us we will repair it free.

Q. Your technician diagnosed my device and tell me the problem, Now, I do not want to get it fix. Will you charge for diagnose of the device?

A. NO, as said earlier diagnose of the device is free.

Q. Is there multiple repair discount, which you offer?

A. Yes, there is a certain discount on multiple repair. Talk to our technicians, they will guide you.

Q. Is there any commercial discount that you offer?

A. Sorry, we do not offer any commercial discount.

Q. Do I need to pay in advance or after the repair service done?

A. You need to pay in advance. There are various payment options available with us.

Q. Can I collect my device after the business hours?

A. Sorry, you can collect your device within the business hours only.


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